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Performing Arts Alliance (PAA) first came into existence as the performing arts league, a collective effort of performing art groups to demand an exemption from sales tax on tickets and to abolish script censorship. After fulfilling its initial purpose, PAA turned its gaze onto the National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF). The establishment of NCAF signified a major shift in the subsidizing policy in arts and culture. It meant that government was no longer the sole sponsor of arts or cultural events. PAA was in this new light, committed to monitoring subsidy distribution and resource allocation of NCAF. Starting from June 1997, PAA, as a non-profit organization, has played a vital role in providing information on performing arts, maintaining a smooth flow of communication between public and private sectors and nurturing a sound performing environment for the overall arts industry ever since.

PAA also actively participated in discussions in public policies; helped cultivate talents and explored channels for fundraising. With the support of the government and private enterprises, PAA became a key partner in the evolution and prosperity of performing arts in Taiwan.

  • To open up a channel of communication between the performing arts industry, the government agencies and the legislative department.
  • To explore and integrate resources in the performing arts industry and facilitate the improvement of the arts environment.
  • To ensure the government, the private enterprises and the general public a better understanding of arts and culture and in the long run improve the developing condition of culture in Taiwan.
  • To actively participate in international cultural affairs and increase exposure.
  • To become the think tank for performing arts related policies.
  • Assisting and counseling art performers and related workers.
  • Conducting studies regarding the status and phenomenon of Taiwanese performing arts industry and examining cultural related policies.
  • Holding public hearings and talks to encourage dialogue between the government and the performing arts industry.
  • Hosting cultural forums to reflect cultural issues and form consensus.
  • Facilitating international exchanges in performing arts.
  • Executing and managing performing arts related research projects and key events. Being of assistance to Taiwanese performing arts groups on the above mentioned occasions.
  • Participating in the development of a sound arts environment and exploring future opportunities to perform locally or on an international stage.
  • Creating a friendly atmosphere which encourages creative and experimental attempts in performing arts. Uniting workers and performers.
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PAA Projects
Cultural Forum

From 1999 to 2011, PAA invited professionals and related workers in the performing arts industry, the government agencies and the academy to meet on regular bases. These cultural forums were in response to the rapid development and changes of the arts and cultural atmosphere. Through observation, categorization, analysis and interpretation, they touched upon contemporary arts, cultural and performing arts issues. Experts were invited to give keynote speeches regarding the comprehensive arts and culture condition, and asked to offer suggestions and perspectives accordingly. Notes were taken in these forums and written records were published in PAR (Performing Arts Review) in the hope of rendering insights to the present and the future of arts and culture in Taiwan.

Performing Arts Administration Training Program

Since 2008, PAA has been offering performing arts administration training. It is the goal of this training to cultivate professional and perceptive performing arts administrators. The program consists of courses designed to provide a comprehensive view on the management of the performing arts industry. Mentors give one to one sessions to help individuals overcome obstacles and gain perspective in theatre management. There are also general courses in performing arts, advanced courses and professional courses on various topics and aspects, all created in hopes of sparking new ideas and trading knowledge and resources in multidisciplinary setting.

City-to-City Cultural Exchange Conference

In 1997, the City-to-City Cultural Exchange Conference was formed by the united efforts of the art circles in Hongkong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Taipei. Since then, each year the cities would take turns hosting the conference which highlighted a sepcific theme. Heated discussions on the shifts in arts and culture, and how the added or altered elements can affact creativity, arts, education and vatality were carried out as to promote continual development in public domain and civil society. Every year, interested parties including cultural policy makers, front line cultural workers and the academia came together from all four sities. Of the 10 to 12 repersenatives chosen from each city, half of them would be familiar faces from the last conference to ensure consistency. It was the wish that through these conferneces, major cities within the Asian area would be able to form a functional network for cultural exchange.

Taiwan Performing Arts Industry Survey

Commissioned by the Council for Cultural Affairs ( now Ministry of Culture) , PAA launched a three-stage survey on the current status of the performing arts industry in Taiwan in 2004. The first stage centered on the value chain. In successfully identifying the value chain, PAA was able to note the common dilemma faced by all parties within the performing arts industry, the developing condition and difficulties that hindered the related and supporting industries. The second stage looked into the supply side of the performing arts industry and its economic value and came up with an estimate of the value of production of the industry. In addition, from the data on the willingness to pay, WTP, the use value of the industry was thus calculated. The third stage was dedicated to the demand side in order to get a better understanding of the people involved and an estimate of the box office success.

Database of Taiwanese Performing Arts Groups

An overview of performing arts aspect in Taiwan
Taiwan enjoys a multicultural background and a liberal social environment, which consequently prompts diversity in the works of the performing arts groups. Traditional or comtemporary, the works are unique and avant-garde, marking Taiwan the benchmark for freedom and creativity in the Asian performing arts field.
Through collecting data on general information and recommended repertoires of performing arts groups in music, drama, dance and traditional arts, the Database of Taiwanses Performing Arts Groups may in time serve as a platform for contacts and exchanges between international and Taiwanese performforming arts groups.

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